Meta Sports

Meta Sports Prediction Platform

By partnering with our sports partners, we can bring you more benefits and opportunities on the platform. We will build a platform for prediction markets and sports gambling that is secured by smart contracts and backed by $MSP tokens.
We are on a mission to solve the unfair and opaque problems that plague traditional forecasting companies. Our new WEB 3.0 prediction model will bring users more secure data, better accuracy rates.
The platform supports a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, tennis, boxing, horse racing, e-sports through the integration and cooperation with partners' data, predictions index results as well event information. We will revolutionize the way people find predictions. Users will be able to search for specific predictions by sport, league, player, predict types, predict index and more.
Betting on public event predictions will be available in the future, and bettors can use $MSP tokens or other major cryptocurrencies to participate.
The plan is to have a self-governing body in which 90% of all revenue from the WEB 3.0 prediction platform will go towards funding it, and then through voting processes within this DAO Foundation we can decide how that money is used for our organization as well.