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Meta Sports
META SPORTS is the world's first sports metaverse blockchain platform that allows users to enter into NFTs, DeFi & GameFi while also betting on predictions. With one NFT as an ID, users can access the entire platform. The future is here, and it's a sports game changer. Meta Sports will connect with reality in an innovative way to create the first ever "Metaverse" for athletes at every level of play--from professional teams all-the way down minor leagues!
The first phase of our project involved launching a game platform for meta sports. This was critical to establishing the foundation and pave way towards future development, as we will be taking feedback from this initial release in order to make changes which improve user experience further down the line.
Phase 1.0
Meta Football is the first football game created on the Meta Sports Game on the Binance Smart Chain platform. And it's not only PLAY TO EARN, but the player of NFTs will also be able to map out how their results in game translate into real life. Users who own the Winning Team can split up any super prize pool earned by that group if they so choose!
Phase 2.0
We are excited to announce our latest innovation- a Meta Sports Prediction Platform! The launch will be coupled with partnerships between the company and some top sport agencies in order for us to provide more benefits than ever before. We have a unique partnership that will give us access to the top sports stars and marketing. Giving us a huge advantage on our platform which we will be able to provide our users with all of these resources.
Phase 3.0
The Meta Sports NFT Marketplace Launch is the first ever platform where users can turn exclusive sports content into digital art and sell it as an NFT. Sports amateurs and fans alike will love the opportunity to monetize from their collectibles with this new line.
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